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E-bikes and hybrids — a personal journey

As part of our resolution this year to park the car more often, my wife and I are shopping locally more often. Walking has been a key part of our regimen.   The exercise hasn’t hurt my waistline either.     Read more »

Shopping local and GREEN can be easy

Spring has finally sprung and if you are like most of your neighbors in Toronto-Danforth you have arisen from hibernation and are back out riding bikes, walking and gardening in force.

Local is good for you!

Much of that walking and biking will be to shop at local merchants. There are many reasons why shopping locally makes sense now more than ever.     Read more »

Green Living Show 2008 — What did you miss?

Green Living Show logoGreat Show — even better than last year and last year was phenomenal. For those of you that missed it, here are a few things that tickled our fancy …     Read more »

Green Party at 18% and rising in Ontario

Green graphThe Green Party’s momentum continues to build right across Canada and here in Toronto-Danforth. The latest poll from Harris-Decima Research for the Globe and Mail put the Green Party at 18% in Ontario and 13% across Canada. The next election will see Green Party seats in the House of Commons. In fact if past trends hold for Toronto-Danforth (thanks to all of you we are one of the strongest Green Party Ridings in Ontario!), we could be at 25% support already and growing. This puts us within easy striking distance of an election win.     Read more »

It’s easy being green

Sky, woods, lakeFirst of all, thank you to everyone who contributed to this first issue of the new Toronto-Danforth Greens Newsletter. And thank you for taking the time to read it. The newsletter will focus on issues and events in our riding and provide a “Green perspective” on many issues in the day to day media.     Read more »