Gross bias at the National Post

I’m annoyed with the National Post.

Yesterday they printed an opinion piece by Lorne Gunter, who said the 23 members of an oil-funded lobby of climate change deniers were comparable to the 3500 vetted and uncompensated scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

I wrote a letter to the editor.  I pointed out that, if anything the IPCC has been more reasonably criticized for being too conservative, and explained why.

Today there are 3 letters printed, all of them saying that Lorne Gunter understated the case and that there is no evidence of global warming.  I cannot believe that is representative even of the National Post’s readers.  There is clearly an editorial objective to undermine the case for climate change.  I had not thought that the National Post was quite so irresponsible and myopic.

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