Introduction to my new tyrannical rein as CEO of the Toronto-Danforth EDA

Thanks to the members of the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party for electing me to be the new CEO.  This is an exciting challenge for me as I delve ever further into the world of Canadian politics.  I have been a Green Party supporter since before I was eligible to vote and began working with Adriana on her campaign Spring 2009.  I look forward to working with the other members of the Executive to reach out to new membership, raise funds to promote Green initiatives and policies and increase our vote so we can have representation based in Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Non-Violence and Sustainability.  I invite all members of the Toronto-Danforth riding (Green Party members or other) to send your thoughts and ideas to my attention so they can be discussed at our regular meetings.

Kristen Corvers, CEO
Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association

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