Jack Layton’s empty seat

An empty chair for Jack Layton at the all-candidates debateAn empty chair represents Jack Layton, who didn’t show up at his own all-candidates debate last night.  Citytv reports on the feelings of local residents.

Jack Layton's empty seat at all-candidates debate

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  1. manny writes:

    The job of a national leader of a real national party that is really in contention is to be the national face and voice of the party. Just because May was foolish enough to run in a seat she can’t hope to win (instead of in London where she stood a shot) therefore hamstringing the Green campaign and likely denying the Green Party there first elected MP you can’t blame Jack for that.

    As a TD resident I completely understand that he is unable to make the all-candidates. I would imagine none of the other leaders have either because if they had it would have made national news.

  2. Mary Ann Grainger writes:

    It’s a question of openness and honesty. The qualities we want in our national leaders.

    If Jack had said he wasn’t coming, all’s fair. There were at least two all-candidates meetings scheduled, neither of which he would have been able to make. That was fine. Then all of a sudden he was available but only on one specific day. So everyone changed their plans to accommodate him, including cancelling the second debate so that they could all be rolled into one to accommodate Jack’s schedule. Then he didn’t even tell his own constituency office (let alone the organizers of the event) that he’d changed his mind and wasn’t going to be there. The day before the event the organizer had to contact someone in Ottawa (as Jack Layton’s constituency office kept saying he was going to be there) to confirm that he wasn’t coming.

    Elizabeth May would never treat her constituents or any voter with such disrespect.

  3. Mary Ann Grainger writes:

    As appeared in today’s Toronto Star and other papers nationally that picked up the CP story:


    NDP Leader Jack Layton was scathing when asked during a campaign stop in Courtenay, B.C., this week what he thought of candidates who skip debates.

    “I’d heard that it’s a malady that seems to be sweeping across the Conservative candidates across the country,” he said.

    “I think that the best way to deal with it is to replace them in government so they can go back and get some bed rest, or whatever is required.”

    That evening, one candidate failed to show for a debate in the far-off riding of Toronto Danforth.

    The absentee? Jack Layton.

    — The Canadian Press

  4. Kevin B writes:

    So that just shows you all how Jack really feels about his riding that he doesn’t even live in.
    I will never vote for Jack, no matter what party he is in.

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