Nuclear power is too expensive

In my canvassing, I’ve so far encountered three people who told me that they supported every policy of the Green Party except our opposition to nuclear, which they feel will be a necessary part of the solution to climate change.

So I’m glad to see that Ontario has recognized what I’ve been saying for years — that nuclear power is too expensive.  And for once, Ontario recognized this before signing a contract, rather than five years into delayed construction, or when the project goes 50% over budget, or when repeated costly repairs are necessary leaving us with millions of dollars of debt or when we’re still paying for the things 30 years later.

Now, Ontario is saying that the deal may still go through if Ottawa pays for part of the project.  That’s not making it any more economical.  That’s just taking money from a different tax pot — one that will have all Canadians paying for Ontario’s folly.

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