People’s Assembly on Climate Justice

Saturday, 2010 December 4, 9:30am to 5pm
Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St, SS2118
(breakfast and lunch included)
For more info: People’s Assembly on Climate Justice

Join fellow community organizers, activists, groups and neighbourhood participants to discuss what we can do to achieve a stronger and more united movement for Climate Justice in Toronto.

From their announcement:

The challenge of the climate crisis can only be met with a coordinated response that will bring forth our power in numbers. It also requires that we confront the root causes of the crisis and not just the symptoms.

Through a horizontal people’s process, the Assembly will seek to create a space where we can work together to share experience, knowledge, and resources in order to build a local response to a global crisis. The Assembly hopes to work towards this objective through channels of collective dialogue and community empowerment.

The December 4th Assembly is happening as part of a Global Day of Action initiated by Global Climate Campaign, and is in solidarity with La Via Campesina’s call for 1000 Cancuns as well as the national call by Council of Canadians for People’s Assemblies across Canada.

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