2006 Oct 14: Pledge TO Green

Pledge TO Green environmental event logo.Adriana is one of the organizers of the Pledge TO Green coming soon to City Hall.  And, big surprise, Elizabeth May is one of the speakers. The purpose of the event is to bring to the attention of both the general public and the candidates for Toronto’s municipal election the importance of implementing the recommendations in Toronto’s Environmental Plan.

Saturday, 2006 October 14 at 11:30am to 3pm.
City Hall Council Chambers.  Free.

There is an impressive list of speakers in Canada who will address key elements of Toronto’s officially adopted environmental plan:

  • Greg Allen – energy,
  • Richard Gilbert – transportation,
  • Keith Stewart – air,
  • Deborah Fields – economics,
  • Franz Hartmann – waste, and
  • Kevin Mercer – water.

The event will be bookended by addresses from:

  • Elizabeth May – former Executive Director of the Sierra Club, current Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and
  • Peter Tabuns – former Executive Director of Greenpeace, current NDP MPP

speaking from their past experience as leaders of NGOs and their present positions as part of the political process.

Finally, every City Council candidate will be contacted and asked to attend and to Pledge TO Green, that is to say: pledge to actually implement the City’s environmental plan, now six years old.

The many organizations putting on this event represent a broad cross section of the business and not-for-profit communities, including:

  • Post Carbon Toronto: citizens working together to transition Toronto and its bio-region into sustainable, low energy communities.
  • The East Toronto Climate Action Group: residents interested in issues relating to climate change as it impacts the city and particularly East Toronto.
  • EvolutionGreen: a company dedicated to green economics in the home realty market.

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