Scared the Conservatives might win?

Fear not!

It is mathematically impossible for the Conservatives to win in Toronto-Danforth. There is no need to vote based on fear, as so many have done in recent elections. In this riding, you can vote for the party and the policies that you want.

2 responses to “Scared the Conservatives might win?”

  1. Ben writes:

    How is it “mathematically impossible “ for the Conservatives to win in this riding?

    I am more interested in how you plan to knock off the incumbent Liberal. Or is that also “mathematically impossible”?

  2. Maryem Tollar writes:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your message. In the past, this riding has been an NDP stronghold and it was only more recently that the Liberals got in. I suppose it’s technically possible for a Conservative to get in, but not likely based on the conversations I’ve been having with the constituents I’ve talked to so far. I am running for the Green Party because it is the only party that has a strong enough, well thought out plan to tackle the environmental crisis that we are in.

    Whether I win or not, the Green Party wants to shift the conversation and influence the platforms of the other parties, by showing that the environment is a top priority for the people in this country. It is a terrible time for an election, and people are not happy with the Liberals, so I think there is a good chance that this riding is ready for a change.

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