Some inspiration on same-sex marriage

As a young woman, I heard the story of the Danish people wearing armbands marking them as Jews in solidarity with the Jewish people when their country was occupied by Nazis.  It turns out this detail is false.  Danish Jews were saved through the courage of their countrymen, primarily because a transport to neutral Sweden was arranged, not because Danish non-Jews also wore yellow stars.  But I find it inspiring to think of facing injustice by insisting on imposing the same limitations on yourself as those suffered by the people you are fighting for.  It is a powerful image.

A few decades ago now, a number of incidents arose in the United States where houses that displayed menorahs were vandalized.  As the holiday season progressed, each day brought more attacks and they appeared to be spreading.  And then one courageous minister urged his congregation to go home and proudly display menorahs in solidarity with the Jews in his community.  Other congregations immediately followed.  Within a day, the attacks stopped.  The arsonists could no longer distinguish Jewish homes from non-Jewish homes.  Besides, it was clear that their religious leaders didn’t support violence on the basis of religious differences.

I find it inspiring to read today that a number of small churches in California are now refusing to perform any marriages at all until the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted.  May their wisdom spread and grow.

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