Telephone town hall with Elizabeth May, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Monday, 2012 March 12, 7:30pm
Call toll-free: 1-888-886-6603, then 18338#

This is a chance for people to ask questions and have them answered by Elizabeth May and Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu.  Just dial in and speak directly with Elizabeth and Adriana.

The oil pipeline to Texas:

Update: The audio recordings of all questions and answers are now online:

All-candidates meetings:

The local drug trade and programs for youth:

Volunteer opportunities:

Youth employment:

Cooperation with other parties:

Military involvement abroad:

Protecting the Great Lakes; also: proportional representation:

Educated, over 30, and unemployed:

Oil exports:

Nuclear power and wind energy:

Election fraud:

Are Greens progresive:

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