Thank-You Danforth Greens

On behalf of GTA Greens and even Greens from as far as Ottawa, I would like to thank the Danforth Greens for offering and eventually hosting the GTA Car Pool blog. I went to London this past weekend and was totally blown away from what is going on there. The champagne office is very impressive and more importantly was buzzing with all kinds of election action. A few GTAr’s and myself canvassed the streets of London North and were encouraged to have had very positive responses at the door for Elizabeth.

This blog may be moved as the Elizabeth May web site gets more and more updated. For now I am still accepting emails ( from GTAr’s who would like to car pool to London.

Once again…Thank-you Danforth Greens for your continuing hospitality.

Nick Capra, York West Greens
The Green Party of Canada

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  1. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    I wish we could do more. It’s a pleasure to help Elizabeth any way we can.

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