Toronto-Danforth canvassing team for Elizabeth

May4LondonLet’s get a Toronto-Danforth team out to campaign for Elizabeth.  Jim Harris, in his blog, laid down a challenge to get people to donate to Elizabeth’s campaign, to help with her campaign or even to move to London for 6 weeks to help in any way.

My reaction to this was to actually pause and contemplate the idea of moving to London for 6 weeks.  But I can’t.  We’re in the midst of a municipal election, I’ve got daily commitments for the next 3 weeks or so, and I’ve got five kids that need me from time to time, and in my experience, the times between when they’ve needed me have never lasted 6 weeks.  They’ve never lasted more than about 6 minutes, truth be told. Since I joined the Green Party a year ago, I’ve stopped micromanaging our household and, as Charlie says, we’ve just been allowing our children to grow organically.  Still, not so organically that I could completely absent myself for 6 weeks.

If anybody in Toronto-Danforth is available to go to London for the duration, though, that would be so great that I will do what I can to make it work out.  For those of you who need to stay in Toronto because you have a job here, some of the money you make could be thrown Elizabeth’s way, ’cause she’ll need money too.  I want giant Elizabeth faces smiling from billboards all across London Centre.

What I want to do as a group, is get a team to go out to London on the last weekend before the election – that’s Friday, November 24 to Sunday November 26.  I’m going and I’m bringing paperclips. Who’s coming with me?

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