2006 Sep 24: The Big Picture

Elizabeth May is one of the invited guests on The Big Picture this Sunday (with Bob Mills, MP, conservative chair of Environment Committee, Terry Glavin, BC author, and Mark Nantais, Canadian Automobile Association).

Sunday, 2006 September 24 at 6:15pm.
CBC, 205 Wellington St West. Free.

To attend the studio taping you must reserve a seat. Please call the producer, Rosa Kim at 416 205-2551 or email her at rosa_kim@cbc.ca.

CBC notice:

Please join The Big Picture with Avi Lewis, as we tackle global warming: the single biggest challenge of our time. The two-hour program starts by gathering a large studio audience to watch a provocative documentary exploring climate change and its potential impact on human civilization. Lewis then leads a spirited town hall debate with knowledgeable and passionate activists from the environmental movement, industry and politics.

The Documentary: The Truth About Global Warming: Can We Save The Planet In the blink of an eye human civilization as we know it could be gone. Some or all of our coastal communities could be under water. Millions of plant and animal species gone and never to return. All because of global warming. All because of the choices we make every day. Legendary UK broadcaster Sir David Attenborough shows us the terrifying consequences of global warming.  He says we’ve reached a tipping point and that we must act now to save our planet. Through sensible, manageable, and meaningful changes he says we can save planet earth without returning to the days without air conditioning and with horse drawn carriages.

Canada is at a crossroads when it comes to a national policy about global warming.  We have a new government that isn’t enamored of the Kyoto Protocol and as our country begins to debate what needs to be done about this serious threat to our civilization, you should make your voice heard.

If you can’t attend the taping, you can watch it on Wednesday, September 27 at 10pm on CBC Newsworld, as part two of The Truth About Global Warming.  Part one airs Sunday, September 24 at 10pm.

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