The Greek ladies who cut my hair…

When I told them I may be the Green Party candidate for the next federal election, they explained what Greeks say about politics: “the pig stinks from the nose”. This artfully expresses the near universal distrust of politicians by regular people.

We have the power to make politics serve us.

One response to “The Greek ladies who cut my hair…”

  1. Elena writes:

    This reminds me of when Andrew James and I were canvassing and got yelled at by one older gentleman for being lazy politicians who sit behind a desk and drink coffee all day.

    I’m not sure how exactly to point out to people that the reason we got involved in this party, not any other is precisely THAT! We don’t like old-lines politics despite they may have SOME good policies. We’re not satisfied with some, we want the best- for ourselves, for our neighbours, for our future.

    As Chris Tindle said at the rally: The only wasted vote is one that is placed with someone you don’t really believe in, or one not casted at all. Unfortunatelly, I think that has been the trend so far.

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