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The big message of this convention was to build up a grassroots community, to engage our supporters and to give them a voice.   That’s what inspired me to start this blog.  Our entire executive are authors and can all contribute.  We invite your opinions.  You can add comments to any blog entry by clicking on the word “Comments” that appears below each post.

If you have an existing blog you want us to link to, we’d love to do that.  Right now we’re linking to Chris Tindal (the former Green Party candidate for Toronto Centre, who has a very good blog) and Elizabeth May, as well as to Green Bloggers.  If you don’t have a blog and want to start one, we suggest you do it through Green Bloggers, but any blog connections are welcome.

If you want to open up a topic for discussion that isn’t on this blog, please contact me at and I will try to open up that discussion for you.  Any ideas on how to improve this blog or the main site are also very welcome.

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