Door-to-door canvassing card, 2011

For the 2011 campaign, Adriana is going door-to-door with a third postcard.

Here’s the the text of the 2011 card:

Three Ways your Green Vote Counts

  1. Reality check
    A strong Green vote sends a powerful message to other political parties to deliver a real climate change strategy, stimulate green employment, renew Canadian democracy and build healthy communities.
  2. Your money votes too
    Your vote democratically funds the party of your choice with $2.06 per vote each year, helping that party develop their policies and message.
  3. Win better government
    Reverse the corrosive effect of negative voting for the least bad; voting for the best candidate delivers the best government. Then we all win.

I am so proud that Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu has thrown her incredible energies into working with the Green Party movement. She is a powerful force with her firm commitments to progressive values and a better world for her kids and for her community. Please consider changing politics in Canada. Please give Adriana your support!
Elizabeth May

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