True Democracy flyer, 2011

Here’s the flyer for True Democracy.  If you click on the image you can view the PDF.  The text of the flyer is below.

If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping in a room with a few mosquitos.
West African proverb

It’s time to get to work. All together. Listening, respecting and building an inclusive society for our children.

One of the core principles of the Green Party is participatory democracy. We empower individuals and communities.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
George Jean Nathan

Please vote.

Only 59% of voters cast a ballot in the last election, the fewest in Canadian history. only the Green Party actually gained voters.

Women endured imprisonment, beatings and hunger strikes to secure a voice for me and my daughters. Many minorities have fought the same battles. We owe it to them to exercise the right to vote they fought so hard for.

Vote for the party you think will do the best job. But vote.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Four steps to True Democracy

  • Step 1: Make every vote count
    The Green Party supports proportional representation – so every vote counts. We would start with a referendum, which would be followed by a citizen’s assembly to determine the best method.
  • Step 2: Simplify voting
    Many real voters could not vote because of barriers to the ballot box. With only 59% of voters successfully voting, it’s clear we need to make it easier.
  • Step 3: Give communities control
    Planning works best when neighbours sit down together, discuss and envision. A Green government would finance local projects to meet national goals like using less energy and reducing pollution.
  • Step 4: Listen
    I’ve been to every home in the riding at least once and most homes twice. I’ve learned about the needs and concerns in the community, and I promise to continue listening.

As longtime residents and activists in the area, we are proud to endorse Adriana because we know that she believes in the progressive values of community and environmental and economic sustainability that are important to the people of Toronto-Danforth.
Robert Rodbourne and Mina Wong

Adriana bring honesty and integrity back into the political process. She will help make Parliament work the way it was originally envisioned — as a forum for cooperation, trust and reason.

From Fair Vote Canada:

In the 2008 federal election:

  • 940,000 voters supporting the Green Party elected no one; fewer Conservative voters in Alberta elected 27 Conservative MPs.
  • In the prairie provinces, Conservatives received twice the votes of the Liberals and NDP combined, but took seven times as many seats.
  • A quarter-million Conservative voters in Toronto elected no one.
  • The NDP attracted 1.1 million more votes than the Bloc, but the Bloc got 49 seats, the NDP 37.

Canadians are usually ruled by majority governments that the majority voted against.

As part of my commitment to True Democracy, I will:

  • promote a referendum on proportional representation
  • meet regularly with community groups and individuals in Toronto-Danforth
  • work to remove barriers to voting ! work to implement national priorities at community level, under community control
  • use new media to empower youth and people with disabilities
Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu is a mother of five who has lived in Toronto-Danforth since 2002. She has actively participated in a number of local issues, including:

  • the fight against the Portlands Energy Centre
  • the only Toronto energy plan that didn’t involve burning more gas
  • improving plans to renaturalize the mouth of the Don River
  • the fight against big box development on Eastern Avenue
  • opposing the continual inappropriate re-industrialization of the waterfront

Since her nomination as the Green Party of Canada candidate for Toronto-Danforth, she has knocked on every door in the riding at least once, most of them twice. She is committed to maintaining a similar level of engagement when elected.

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