Toronto Mayor David Miller suggests Green Party is best for Toronto, cities

From last week’s CBC article:

[Toronto Mayor David Miller] spoke about the need for a ban on handguns on a day that saw three homicides in the GTA, as well as the shooting of a 16-year-old in a city high school.

See our statement on fighting gun crime.

But Miller also pointed out that so far, only the Green party has directly addressed the growing needs of Canadian cities. [Emphasis added.]

He referred to the party’s position on public transit and new funding framework for cities that includes a dedicated cut of the GST.

To be fair, this isn’t an endorsement, he wants to remain neutral:

Miller said he won’t endorse any specific party, but he is urging Torontonians on Oct. 14 to choose the party that will help the city thrive in the next century.

“Well, so far the Green party has addressed city issues and I say, ‘Good for them.’ I would hope the Liberals and the NDP would do the same thing,” said Miller.

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