2008 Mar 4: Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil

Come to this non-partisan talk I’ve organized:

Tuesday, 2008 March 4, 7 pm
OISE room 5250
252 Bloor Street  West

The world we’re moving into will be radically different from the one  we move in today. So different that it’s hard to imagine. It’s even harder to  imagine the transition.

Global warming demands that we stop using oil.  The age of cheap plentiful oil is ending anyway. We’ve built up a society where  we drive everywhere, and most of what we buy, including almost all of our food,  is now brought from long distances. Hybrid cars and other incremental efficiency  measures have their place, but are not nearly enough to get us where we need to  go.

What will future transport look like and how can we make the  transition with the least disruption?

Anthony Perl and Richard  Gilbert have worked through the details of a carbon-free future for  transportation, including such innovations as wind-assisted shipping and  personal rapid transit. They’ve done the math to show that their vision is  workable, and they’ve plotted out a practical step-by-step process to get our  society to where it needs to be.

Based on their book Transport  Revolutions, Anthony will present where we are now, the challenges we face,  and what potential exists for the future. Richard will then lead a discussion of  the issues.

Dr. Anthony Perl is the Director of the Urban Studies  Program at Simon Fraser University. His work has focused on public policy,  transportation and the environment. Transport Revolutions is his fourth  book.

Dr. Richard Gilbert is an independent consultant, popular  and academic author, and teacher at various universities. He  served as a Toronto City Councillor for 15 years.

Sponsored by Post Carbon Toronto and the Coalition for a Green Economy

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