TTC posters

Here is one of the posters we want to place in subway stations.

There are three stairway-sized posters: Smart Economy, Strong Communities, and this one, True Democracy.  We want to put one triplet in each station in the riding.  There’s also a large-size poster, which we want for the platforms, featuring all three themes in one.

Here is one of the Jack Layton ads that were on subway platforms just last week.  But we’ve been told that the TTC has a policy against political advertising in subway stations.

One response to “TTC posters”

  1. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    A clarification via Twitter from Brad Ross at the TTC:

    @CNNToronto @torontonews24 Totally false. The City prohibits election ads on City property, of which the TTC is part. Not the TTC’s call.

    Brad was very personable when I called him yesterday, and promised to clarify exactly what the policy was, and why.

    We’ve still got the problem that political speech is being limited.

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