Update on Honduras

Here’s today’s press release from the Green Party of Canada regarding the coup in Honduras:

Green Party Joins in Condemning the Coup d’état in Honduras

OTTAWA–Green Party joins the Canadian government, the U.N. and the Organization of American States in condemning the coup d’état in Honduras and the suppression of civil rights and freedom of speech.

“The Honduran government must restore democratic rule and seek a peaceful solution to the situation.  Likewise the negative judgment  of the Honduran Supreme Court regarding President Zelaya’s  constitutional reform process must also be addressed,” said Eric Walton, Green Party International Affairs Critic.

There has not been a military coup for over a decade and the region has experienced growing and consistent democratic rule.  This growth has given people in the region hope and welcome relief from the military dictatorships that dominated the 20th century.  The Green Party still remains seriously concerned over the state of Human  Rights throughout Latin and South America and calls on the Canadian government to place a stronger focus on democratic governance and human rights in all its trade and diplomatic relations in the  region.

“It was a step backwards for human rights when Canada concluded a trade deal with Colombia and as we pursue one with Peru,” noted Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada’s Greens.  “The Honduran coup gives our government a chance to speak clearly to the priority we accord democratic governance and respect for human rights.”

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