We are so screwed

International Energy Agency Chief Fatih Birol has stated that the IEA now believes that global crude oil production peaked in 2006.  It’s all downhill from now.  We can expect the kinds of supply discontinuities and price rises that led up to the 2008 economic downturn with regularity from now on.

So what is the US response?  Shoot the messenger.  They have cut funding to their own national energy agency and specifically ordered that agency not to prepare data on oil and gas reserves.  Keep us in the dark, that’s the ticket.  I expect the Harper government to follow suit shortly.

We have just elected a government that will usher in our destruction and an opposition of fools.  Harper has never recognized a problem that he doesn’t think tar sands expansion and corporate tax cuts can’t fix.  But even the energy agencies are now saying he is wrong.

I’m also deeply disturbed by our loyal opposition.  After environmental groups finally pressured Harper into signing a deal with the G-20 to eliminate perverse fossil fuel subsidies, what was Layton’s top campaign plank?  Introducing a brand new perverse fossil fuel subsidy.  That’s right, in a world where even energy experts are admitting that oil is coming to an end, Layton suggests that maybe we might just be able to fuel our addiction a little longer so that we can endanger even more Canadians when the inevitable crisis comes.

I’m usually not this angry.  But the situation is maddening.  This is my children’s world of opportunities that is being squandered away to cheap political pandering.

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