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2006 Dec 6: Toronto-Danforth GPO organizing meeting

Green Party of Ontario symbolI have arranged the first meeting for the new GPO next Wednesday at the Pape Danforth Library for 7 pm. Pass the word and let’s see if we can get a turnout like the GPC meeting!

Green Party of Ontario organizing meeting
Wednesday, 2006 December 6, 7 pm
Pape Danforth Library
(east side of Pape, just south of Danforth)

Campaign notes between preparations

I’m spending the day preparing for tonight’s YEP debate on the Portlands Energy Centre, which I’ve now been asked to participate in, even though I’m not an energy professional and I’m certainly not young.

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in Ontario’s Climate Change and Clean Air Plan consultations on energy, which I’ve yet to prepare for either.

But in between all this preparation, when I take a break, I’d like to blog about Elizabeth’s campaign, which we can all learn from.  All our candidates can’t be former Executive Directors of the Sierra Club, and they can’t all have Elizabeth’s unique blend of knowledge and experience.  But there are still a lot of things to be learned about what made Elizabeth’s campaign so effective.

Elizabeth radiates good feelings and positive messaging.     Read more »

London victory

I have never gotten around to writing about our AGM and that election.  It’s never very interesting to write about one’s own election, but the election of 11 other members onto our executive ought to have inspired me.

But I was busy.

And now, the excitement of London’s byelection has temporarily removed everything else from my mind.  I’ll write tomorrow about how exciting Elizabeth’s campaign was, but I wanted to go to bed only after writing a quick thought.     Read more »

London North Centre results

Well, when the first five polls were in, Elizabeth had the lead.  Now, with a quarter of the results in, she’s in second place, trailing the Liberal candidate.  And now, with 90% of the the polls reporting, she’s still second place, but the Conservatives are close behind.  You can watch the results as they come in on the Elections Canada website.

It’s all over.  And the (rounded) results are:

Glen Pearson Liberal 35%
Elizabeth May Green 26%
Dianne Haskett Conservative 24%
Megan Walker NDP 14%
Steve Hunter PC 0%
Robert Ede Independent 0%
Will Arlow Canadian Action 0%

The rounding makes it easier to conceptualize the numbers, but it exaggerates the spread between the Green Party and the Conservatives.  It was only 1.5% (25.9% – 24.4%), not a full 2%. And of course each of the “other” parties got more than zero percent (though less than half a percent).

2006 Nov 30: Take the Tooker

Hamish Wilson, a candidate in our riding in the last municipal election, is one of the organizers of the Take the Tooker campaign.  The idea is to build an east-west bike lane along the whole length of Bloor-Danforth.  The name is in honour of environmental activist and one-time Toronto mayoral candidate Tooker Gomberg.     Read more »