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Demand Kyoto action protest planning group

This just in.  Brennan Louw is apparently singlehandedly trying to organize a protest about Canada reneging on its Kyoto commitments.  Over the last week he’s gotten over 150 supporters and called me about strategic help.  He wants a large protest so he’s looking ahead to early March as a target date.  I’ve suggested that he get an organizing committee together.  He works evenings so this will mostly be organized during the day.  If anyone else wants to get on board, and has a somewhat flexible daytime schedule, please contact Brennan at 416-520-3892.  Bravo, Brennan and thank you for your initiative.

Ocean burp hazard

For anyone who is still not terrified enough about global warming, here’s another scary possibility about how the Earth can revolt to our tampering.

Here’s a charming story (complete with video) about bacteria which thrive in warm oceans in low-oxygen conditions and produce sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide).  Enormous blooms of this gas are thought to be responsible for 4 mass extinctions and a dozen smaller ones, and are associated with warmer oceans caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide.  The warming trends of these past extinctions are thought to have been brought on by volcanic activity.  This time, we’re just doing it to ourselves.

Momentous times

I am absolutely delighted that Stephane Dion has won the Liberal Party leadership.  I hope this will begin the necessary turnaround Canada so desperately needs.

Last night, as this news came through, Charlie momentarily speculated that what was good news for the country might be bad news for the Green Party, with the Liberals stealing the environmental banner.  I disagree.  Jack Layton has lately come to put environment as the biggest priority in his rhetoric.  Stephane Dion will make it the top issue of the next election.  And with the environment as the top issue, the ball will be in the Green’s court.  Even if this doesn’t translate into electoral success, it will mean that the issues get heard, and that policy is accordingly shifted in a saner direction.

I have an idea what this dialogue will look like, and I’m happy to say that I think the Greens have a lot to offer.     Read more »