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Scary news

Yesterday, I received two links that suggest that global warming is a lot more frightening even than I had imagined, suggesting that at this point not only is it imperative to stop burning carbon, but that human survival may depend on the much more difficult job of actually removing it from our atmosphere and putting it back in the ground.     Read more »

2007 Oct 27: Second annual YIMBY festival

YIMBY logoThe Yes, In My Backyard! festival returns for a second year.  And Magdalena Olszanowski wants you to come.  It’s easy to say Not in my backyard! — let’s think about what we do want.

Second Annual YIMBY Festival
Saturday, 2007 October 27, 11 am – 5 pm
Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor, 1214 Queen St West

Family-friendly event.  Free.

Top ten reasons to vote Green

I wrote the above title and started to think about writing this post, but EYE magazine beat me to it.  Enjoy.

2007 Oct 3: Priorities for Ontario

The Priorities for Ontario Coalition is comprised of thirteen leading environmental groups in Ontario, including the Sierra Club of Canada (Ontario), Greenpeace and the Pembina Institute.  It advocates for policy changes in six policy areas loosely related to the environment.  Their site charts the parties stand in meeting its objectives in all six of the policy areas identified.  It should be no surprise that the Green Party looks very good from this perspective.

Please come to the debate sponsored by the Priorities for Ontario Coalition.  Victoria Serda will be representing the Green Party of Ontario.

Priorities for Ontario Debate
Wednesday, 2007 October 3, 7pm
(doors open at 6:30)
Isabel Bader Theatre
93 Charles Street West
(1 block south of Bloor, just east of the ROM)