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Rregullat e Partisë Jeshile te Kanada-së janë themeluar nga gjashtë principet themelore.     Read more »


加拿大绿党的政策建立于六个基本原则基础之上:     Read more »


سياسات حزب الخضر من كندا هي ترتكز على ستة مبادئ اساسية هي :

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Политиките на Зелената Партия на Канада, са намерени при шест основни принципи:     Read more »


The six fundamental principles of the Green Party of Canada, in Serbian:     Read more »


Партијата на Зелените на Канада се темели врз шест принципи:     Read more »

Welcome to our newsletter

Mary Ann GraingerToronto-Danforth Greens have come a long way in a very short period of time. It was only 2 1/2 years ago that our past CEO, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, started the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association. Today, we have hundreds of members and thousands of supporters.     Read more »

Back on the road to democracy

Sharon HowarthIt is with pleasure I write this message to the many long-term members and the great many new supporters on the launch of the first E-Newsletter for the Toronto-Danforth Greens. This Newsletter is a clear example of the incredible skills and expertise of those who make up the Green Party in our riding. An exuberant welcome to you all.     Read more »

Green Party at 18% and rising in Ontario

Green graphThe Green Party’s momentum continues to build right across Canada and here in Toronto-Danforth. The latest poll from Harris-Decima Research for the Globe and Mail put the Green Party at 18% in Ontario and 13% across Canada. The next election will see Green Party seats in the House of Commons. In fact if past trends hold for Toronto-Danforth (thanks to all of you we are one of the strongest Green Party Ridings in Ontario!), we could be at 25% support already and growing. This puts us within easy striking distance of an election win.     Read more »

Making democracy work

You’ve got mailGreen Party leader Elizabeth May wrote in her wonderful book “How to Save the World in Your Spare Time”, that “making democracy work is work.”     Read more »