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A fair immigration policy

About a month ago now, I visited with Robert Nevin, who was the Green Party of Canada candidate in the 2000 election.  He is a truly wonderful man – informed, articulate and passionate.

He really liked the postcard I was handing out.  With one exception.  And he was right.     Read more »

Voter fatigue

It was my friend William who first pointed it out to me.  The eligible voters who are declaring their intention not to vote in this election are coming from a most unlikely group.  We expect a good percentage of newly eligible voters to declare a lack of interest in politics.  But there are huge numbers of seniors now saying they are so confused or disgusted with politics that they don’t know how to vote and intend not to.  I’m hearing this more and more.  And seniors are generally regarded as the most reliable voter group by age.     Read more »

At the Festival of South Asia 2009

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu at the Festival of South Asia

This is one of my favourite cultural festivals in a riding known for its diversity and wonderful cultural events.     Read more »

At Taste of the Danforth 2009

Stuffing our facesThis picture goes back a few weeks.     Read more »

2009 Sep 10: All-candidates debate for St Paul’s by-election

Map of St Paul's ridingCome out and support Green Party of Ontario candidate Chris Chopik.

St Paul’s all-candidates debate
2009 September 10, 7 pm – 9 pm
First Unitarian Congregation
175 St Clair Ave West