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2010 May 8: Watch birds on the Spit

Spring Bird Festival
Saturday, 2010 May 8, 7 am – 4 pm
Tommy Thompson Park (Leslie Street Spit)

There’s a whole day of activities planned, some of which require registration.  From the Spring Bird Festival website:

Spring Bird Festival in Tommy Thompson Park

Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day at the 10th Tommy Thompson Park Spring Bird Festival!     Read more »

Sequestration “profoundly unfeasible”

Climate Progress reports on the recent paper “Sequestering carbon dioxide in a closed underground volume (by Christine Ehlig-Economides and Michael J. Economides)” in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering.     Read more »

Plan for the planet?

“I’ve got an idea — let’s play hide and seek!” Mary Travers spoke, as I recall, on the 33-rpm vinyl record by Peter, Paul and Mary called “Peter, Paul and Mommy”, an anthology of some of my favourite children’s songs. Songs I love.

Well, I have an idea: let’s save humanity so that many more generations of children will sing children’s songs. Not an original idea but let’s stay with it.     Read more »

2010 May 2: Missa Gaia

A mass to celebrate the earth at Eastminster United Church“Send forth your spirit,
And renew the face of the Earth.”

Missa Gaia
Sunday, 2010 May 2, 7:30 pm
Eastminster United Church
310 Danforth (at Jackman)

“Missa Gaia” is a contemporary ecumenical and ecological mass in celebration of Mother Earth.  This dynamic choral work sets traditional mass and biblical texts to lyrical melodies with vibrant rhythms from African, Brazilian and American gospel traditions and interweaves the voices of wolf, whale and harp seals.     Read more »

Sore loser

I’m being a sore loser today.  I helped Andrew James this morning at the Danforth clean-up event.  We didn’t win.     Read more »