Sore loser

I’m being a sore loser today.  I helped this morning at the Danforth clean-up event.  We didn’t win.  On the other hand, I didn’t really expect we would.  I expected one of the bigger teams to win the challenge.   Jennifer Wood assembled a sizeable team, well organized in bright yellow t-shirts and equipped with brooms and other supplies.  Jane Pitfield’s team was about as large and equally yellow.  And all the participating mayoral candidates had large teams out – Rocco Rossi, Giorgio Mammoliti and Sarah Thompson.  Smitherman was a no-show.  Rob Ford showed up with no team to back him up at all.

Still it’s ridiculous how Giorgio Mammoliti’s team won.  Each team was assigned an area near the Music Hall a block or two long and given a couple of garbage bags to fill in 15 minutes.  Mammoliti’s team went the same direction we did, and before they even got to where they were supposed to be, they were carrying several heavy garbage bags as they walked alongside us.  What were they picking up that we missed on the way to their destination?  Bicycles?  Patio chairs?  Store merchandise?  By the end of the event, they claimed to have filled a truckload of garbage from their designated two-block area, and won the prize.  Yeah, right.

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  1. Mark Dewdney writes:

    Hi Greens!

    My name’s Mark Dewdney, and I’m also running in Ward 30.

    I was proud of everyone for showing up today, and though I chuckled at Giorgio’s truckload’o’garbage, I can vouch that the alleyways south of Danforth are CHOKED with unremoved trash.

    The best statement of the day was “All this was done with only 15 minutes? Imagine if we’d had an hour!”

    How about a day? A week? A year?

    Keep it up, guys. No matter what other ideas we may (politely) disagree on, it’s really nice to work together – I’m not going to remember the color of the t-shirts or who won – I’ll remember a few dozen enthusiastic people cleaning one of our biggest economic and cultural centres.

    We were also proud to drop by Unwin and Cherry afterwards; the street, which was an absolute DISASTER early this week, is now spic-and-span.

    See you all soon – we should all be proud. Good job, Toronto!

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