An open letter to Minister Cansfield from local Green Greg Bonser

Minister Cansfield suggests that “It takes time to change a culture” when explaining why the Liberals believe that the people of Ontario can not conserve energy. I am sure that this has little to do with virtually no government investment in helping the economy become more efficient, nor would the active manipulation of electricity prices to manage political sentiment create disincentive to conserve.  It’s “the culture’s” fault.

If it is in the culture I would suggest to the Minister, the candidates in Toronto-Danforth, journalists and energy users to recognise that responding to peak electrical demand in the summer in Toronto has little to do with keeping lights on. It’s all about keeping air conditioners running. So let’s change the language and alleviate the fear of blackouts. At least that way, the culture can start to make an informed decision about turning their houses into refrigerators when it’s 25 degrees outside.

Greg Bonser
Toronto, Ontario

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