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Every vote should count

This movement is gaining momentum!  Sign the declaration.

Liberals increased their share of the popular vote by 1% over the 2011 election and receive 100% of the power.  How Ontario voted: LIB 39%, PC 31%, NDP 24%, GR 5%; what Ontario got: LIB 55%, PC 25%, NDP 20%.  Sign the Declaration of Voter's Rights.

Ontario election leaders’ debate 2014

Rachel Power and Mike Schreiner see eye-to-eye

Last night’s debate was missing two things. Mike Schreiner, the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, and a serious discussion about protecting our environment and natural resources.

Think Big. Expect better. Vote Green.

We are at a crossroads in Ontario. Old line parties squabble over little fixes while the rest of the world marches boldly into the 21st century.

Ontario deserves better — a single publicly funded school system, protecting our environment, and a sane way of doing politics.

Greens are making a difference in Canada and around the world. Vote green for for your kids, your community, your Ontario.

Rachel Power, Toronto-Danforth.  Go Green with Power!