2006 Nov 11: Bad Dog Green Sessions

Bad Dog Sessions broken dog collarThe Bad Dog Theatre is a popular local improv theatre.  Since everything is improvised, the composition of the audience has an enormous effect on where the show goes.  So, it’s often funniest when you go as a group.  When your friends get involved or the ideas you have in common get picked up, you all laugh together.  A number of us experienced this during the election when the Bad Dog hosted a “Mock the Vote” show and half the audience were Green Party supporters.

So I’ve been wanting to have a Green Party outing to the Bad Dog for several months, and finally I’ve just decided to pick a date.  The Bad Dog Sessions builds on a single audience suggestion so you won’t be hauled up on stage to participate.  That makes it somewhat less hilarious for a group, but means you won’t be put on the spot.  Bad Dog Sessions also has some of the best improv in the city and is a pay-what-you-can event.  So let’s get a crowd to go out and laugh together.

Bad Dog Sessions
Saturday, 2006 November 11, 10-11 pm
Bad Dog Theatre
138 Danforth Ave
(just east of Broadview)

4 responses to “Bad Dog Green Sessions”

  1. Andrew James writes:

    Sounds like fun. November 11 also happens to my birthday.

    The fake all-candidates meeting at the “mock the vote” in January before the election was great! Those people really know what they’re doing.

  2. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    Voted Now Magazine’s Best of Toronto:


  3. jim fannon writes:

    Great idea!

    jim fannon
    905 934 1110

  4. Becky Smit writes:

    Great idea Charlie!

    I’ll make sure to post it to the BEY folks as well.

    Becky Smit

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