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Day 2: What’s the problem with coalitions?


At a talk I attended on Friday afternoon with constitutional scholar Peter Russell, he pointed out that of the 51 democracies in the world today, 48 are led by either coalitions or minority governments acting with the support of other parties.  If Stephen Harper rejects coalitions, he rejects democracy, because democracy is all about coalition building, partnership, working together and finding solutions.


This morning at an interfaith breakfast organized by Greening Sacred Spaces, I ran into a colleague who pointed out that Stephen Harper got the vote of 22% of eligible voters – that’s 38% of the 59% of the electors who bothered to vote.  So many people are disgusted with government they don’t vote at all.  And with the support of  less than one quarter of voters, Harper thinks the right thing to do is ignore other parties.

At the interfaith breakfast, I was very impressed with Rabbi Miriam of the Danforth Jewish Circle, who said that whenever she thinks about the environment she is reminded of Genesis.  She quoted in Hebrew but paraphrased in Jewish the phrase:

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.


Zito Hellas! I spent the afternoon at the Greek Independence Day Parade on the Danforth with two supporters and my young son carrying a Greek flag.  Then we bought some spanakopita and brought it back to the office we had just claimed at 1338 Danforth.  From now to election day, it will be open daily from 10am to 9pm.

The office was bustling all afternoon.  We have some very energetic local supporters who were helping move things around.  Thanks to Kashkoush and all his friends.  Six supporters went out with more window signs.  Our signs are up on Danforth, on Gerrard, on Donlands and Coxwell now.  My daughter and some young supporters made some progress towards a big sign over the office while office manager Jo Oppenheimer supervised the delivery of office furniture.


Our lawn signs are in print.  Our first flyers are in print.  Supporters and passers-by walked in and talked.  At 9pm, we were still talking to neighbours who had recently moved to the riding and wanted to know more about the Green Party.

COP16 — Green family breakfast

This morning, a group of 30 Greens from all over the world gathered for breakfast in Cancun.  Most were officeholders in Europe, either in the EU Parliament or in country governments.  But municipal councillor Cathy Oke arrived from Melbourne, Australia, former Santa Monica mayor Mike Feinstein came from the United States, and four Canadian Greens joined in with three Brazilians, including the leader of the Brazilian Greens, Senator Marina Silva, who gathered 20 million votes in the last presidential election, earning 20% of the popular vote, 30% of the urban vote and winning the popular vote outright in Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia.

Green family breakfast
From left to right: Ronan Dantec, Deputy Mayor of the city of Nantes (France); Marina Silva, Presidential Candidate (Brazil); Dr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne Councillor (Australia); Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Green Party of Canada Climate Change Critic; Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

I had wanted to meet Marina ever since she left Lula’s government over disagreements about dam-building and other environmentally damaging policies and began to consider running for the Greens.     Read more »

Jim Harris at Post Carbon

Jim Harris will be speaking on “How cutting carbon can cut cost, raise revenue and mitigate risk of peak oil and rising gas prices” at the Post Carbon Toronto Annual General Meeting tonight.

Post Carbon Toronto AGM
Committee room 2
(on 2nd floor)
Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St W
Suggested donation: $2

RSVP at  The description from that site:     Read more »

Toronto-Danforth candidate card, 2010

I’ve knocked on (nearly) every door in the riding and I’m starting all over again with a new postcard in May.

Here’s the new design for 2010:

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu's door-to-door postcard for 2010

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu's door-to-door postcard for 2010

Here’s the the text of the 2010 card:     Read more »

Introduction to my new tyrannical rein as CEO of the Toronto-Danforth EDA

Thanks to the members of the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party for electing me to be the new CEO.     Read more »

Hundreds protest global warming

Snowmen protesting climate change

James Hoggan on the climate cover-up

James Hoggan, author of Climate Cover-upJames Hoggan is the Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian chapter of Al Gore’s The Climate Project.  I’m in the middle of reading his book Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming.  I frequently find myself referring to the website he oversees.  I’m looking forward to hearing him in person.

James Hoggan: Climate Cover-up
Tuesday, 2009 November 17, noon – 3 pm
Le Méridien King Edward Hotel, 37 King St East

The Empire Club in the Vanity Fair Ballroom
Tickets are $65, $50 for members – order online     Read more »

An evening with Eric Novak of The Climate Project Canada

Eric Novak, climate-change presenterEric Novak is a TV host, author and blogger who has spoken to thousands of people about global warming.  Eric will show how the world is changing due to global climate change.  He will also show how this crisis can be solved and that in the process, we have the ability to create an entirely new way of living that is both viable and sustainable.

An evening with Eric Novak of The Climate Project Canada
Wednesday, 2009 November 18, 7 pm – 9 pm
Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave
(near Chester subway station) More info: 416-463-2179


Toronto candidates engage in pre-election mudslinging

Toronto candidates engage in pre-election mudslinging

The Fusion Pottery & Glass Show invited politicians to come do some mudslinging.  I went with Toronto-Centre candidate Ellen Michelson, who took this picture.

Apart from the very specific support for arts and culture activities which the Green Party promotes, arts are integral to a green lifestyle which values local production by low-impact methods.     Read more »

Day of climate action including dinner and a movie Global Day of Action on Climate Change
An international day of climate action organized by and  Take a stand for a fair Copenhagen climate treaty that meets the science.  Here’s what happened in Ottawa:

And here’s what happened in Toronto:     Read more »

2009 Sep 12: Toronto Chinese Archway grand opening ceremony

There’s an important and fun event in the park across the street from my house tomorrow.  From the website (see also photos):

After almost ten years of hard work of the committee, the “Zhong Hua Men” dream will come true to the Chinese community!     Read more »

Photos of Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

Toronto-Danforth volunteers
Here are some photos of Adriana     Read more »

International Day of Peace

Peace dove and signThe United Nations’ International Day of Peace is a global holiday when individuals, communities, nations and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace.  Green Party candidates celebrated this event at C’est What in Toronto.

Greater Toronto Area candidates address issue of world peace

Green Party candidates from all over Toronto and the GTA spoke out on peace at this event.     Read more »

At the Festival of South Asia 2009

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu at the Festival of South Asia

This is one of my favourite cultural festivals in a riding known for its diversity and wonderful cultural events.     Read more »

At Taste of the Danforth 2009

Stuffing our facesThis picture goes back a few weeks.     Read more »