2007 Sep 11: David Hughes on the Future of Energy

David Hughes is a senior geoscientist at Natural Resources Canada. He has 35 years experience studying energy resources for the Geological Survey of Canada, the government of Canada and the private sector. He will be talking about the future of energy in Canada.

The Future of Energy
Tuesday, 2007 September 11, 7 pm
City Hall, Council Chambers
at Bay and Queen streets

I’ve heard David speak over a long lunch with Post Carbon Toronto. What I remember was his calm and measured assessment that just from a supply perspective (he’s not as immediately worried about emissions) if we don’t cut our overall energy use by 80% in the next decades, natural limits will cut it down by 90% shortly afterwards.

He was quite cheerful about the fact that his generation will have used the majority of all fossil energies available on Earth, within a single lifetime.

I strongly recommend this.

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