2008 Aug 19: Wading Deeper: The future of deep lake water cooling

Tuesday, 2008 August 19, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre

765 Queen St East (east of Broadview)
Free; refreshments provided

A free public forum on the future of Deep Lake Water Cooling and its potential to further reduce Toronto’s energy use, with:

  • Dennis Fotinos, President and CEO, Enwave Energy
  • Rob McMonagle, City of Toronto, Energy Efficiency Office
  • Greg Allen, HOK architects, an original  architect of the plan

Did you know that a good part of the downtown core is cooled with cold water  from Lake Ontario?

Already, this reduces our demand  for electricity by 61 megawatts in the summer and eliminates 79,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

This forum will address expansion opportunities and what this means for Toronto.

Presented by The Next Generation.

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