First Green MP?

Yesterday, Garth Turner was kicked off the Conservative caucus the day before Prime Minister Harper revealed his plan for thinking about smog and global warming over the next 5 decades.  It is widely believed that Mr. Turner’s outspoken criticism of his own government’s lack of action on climate change had something to do with this.

Mr. Turner has been called “outspoken”, a “maverick” and “reactionary”.  He maintains a blog.

So, do we want this reactionary as a Green?  As far as I’m concerned, we can’t afford to be turning away any politicians who prioritize global warming.  As Elizabeth May points out in her blog, he states:

…climate change is a defining issue, and this is a landmark time for a generational government. Either we will rise to the challenge, or we will not.

Elizabeth May has said she’s ready to welcome him into the Green Party, and he says he’s ready to talk about it.  The story is widely reported:

So if anyone out there would like to see Mr. Turner become the first Green MP, contact him at and tell him so.

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