Fundraising schedule

Ever since I’ve received the fundraising schedule from the GPC, I’ve been stunned by the relentless nature of it.  There is some form of fundraising going on every month.  Our local riding association is responsible for none of it, and benefits only indirectly.  If you have passed your name onto the central party, either by purchasing a membership, donating to the central party, or ordering a sign from the central office during the election, they have your contact information and there is currently no way for the EDA to opt out of fundraising activities.  If I got your name because you ordered a sign locally or were canvassed by phone during the election, I haven’t passed on your name, so you shouldn’t be called.

There is provision to flag supporters who do not want to be called, or who want to restrict fundraising calls.  If you want me to pass on these restrictions to the hub, please contact me at  I would very much like to share the lists of our supporters with the head office, and I’ve been told that when their new database is set up, the EDA will be able to add flags directly.

Just as a warning, I’ll tell you what you can expect over the next couple of months.  Right now, there are two major campaigns going on, with another about to begin next week.

On September 4, a fundraising letter was sent to all members, donors and supporters, including those with no gift history.  There is a simultaneous phone campaign to upgrade monthly donors.  On September 11, this campaign will be reinforced by an email blast to all members and supporters as well.  All this will be repeated on November 1.  In between, there will be a newsletter with solicitation attached.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided that at the EDA level, we will restrict fundraising between elections.  We will have to press for financial support when we urgently need it for signs and brochures.  Until then, we want you to enjoy your involvement in the Green community in Toronto-Danforth.

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