Harper government attempting to sabotage global climate negotiations

I have been waiting for the broader media to pick up on this story tucked into Embassy, a Canadian foreign policy newspaper.  I find it explosive.

Recognizing that Canada’s position on climate negotiations was toxically inadequate, government officials, rather than improving it, instead decided to attempt to divide a united Europe so that Canada wouldn’t stand out as such a lonely opponent of climate action.  It took the Suzuki Foundation unearthing memos under the Freedom of Information Act to uncover the duplicitous strategy.

I’ve recently heard that PM Harper’s new strategy is to try to change the baseline dates from 1990 to 2006 so that Canada will be permitted to emit 22% more carbon than it would under the current rules, while countries like Germany and England, which made serious investments to achieve emissions cuts by 2006, will be punished with even lower emissions quotas.  It is cynical and outrageous and Canadians should not stand for it.

The opposition parties seem to be asleep on the issue, which is not being brought up at all.

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