2007 Mar 3: Identify & get out the vote

If you want the Green Party to win seats in the next election, this workshop’s for you!

This three-hour workshop is designed for any Green Party supporter — whether you are an active card-carrying member of the Green Party or not!  All that is required is a desire to see the Green Party win seats in the next election.

In this workshop you will learn the simple things that win seats and how you can apply them to your riding.  You will learn step-by-step how to easily identity potential Green Party voters, build and grow your riding’s own Green Party voter’s list, how to use the list effectively before and during an election, and most importantly, how to convert the list into votes during an election.

This is just one workshop in a whole day of workshops.  For more details and registration information, see Everything you always wanted to know about how to win an election*.

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