Not with a bang but a whimper

I’m beginning to get some real sympathy for Jack Layton’s Dion-bashing.  I still don’t like the mocking tone, but the substance is true.  And here‘s Mr. Dion, once again letting the budget slide without much of a peep.  The funny thing is, I wouldn’t want Dion to do anything different.  I just want a better explanation.

Truth is, if we had an election today, the Conservatives would win a fresh mandate, possibly even with more seats, and we would have wasted a lot of money just to end up with the status quo or worse.  I’m assuming that’s Mr. Dion’s calculation, and he sees nothing to fight that would suddenly propel him to victory.

But if that is Mr. Dion’s calculation, I wish he would say so.  I wish he’d say “I don’t particularly agree with this budget, but I don’t see the point of dragging Canadians through an election only to end up right where we already are.”  Instead, he just seems kind of limp.

Update:  Elizabeth May disagrees with me.  She thinks the budget was a lot worse than mediocre, that it is leading to the militarization of Canada, and that Canadians deserve to be consulted on issues such as this.  She is a wise lady, and in many ways much smarter than I am.  But it’s hard for me to consider taking the risk of bringing in a Conservative majority.

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