2007 Apr 24: Nuclear plan transmission line?

I’ve just received a flyer from the oranges. (New nickname for NDP — note oranges are not local, therefore unsustainable.)

Next Tuesday there will be a public meeting regarding the proposed transmission line into the Portlands. (Note again, who did NOT oppose the Portlands, simply advocated a lower capacity? Oranges.)

What shocked me though, was not the shameless self-promition. (I think we’re all used to that by now). But rather the ending sentence:

There are better sustainable options to building more nuclear and high voltage transmittion lines.

Though this could be confusing just to me, since I am ESL, it sounds like they are saying there is a sustainable way to get nuclear? Perhaps it is just bad wording.

I definitely plan to attend the discussion to get clear on the issue. I hope it will be more than just a case of NIMBYism in order to “green” themselves.

One response to “Nuclear plan transmission line?”

  1. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    Here are the meeting details:

    Meeting re proposed high-voltage transmission line
    Tuesday, 2007 April 24, 7 pm
    Matty Eckler Community Centre
    953 Gerrard St East, 2nd floor

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