2006 Nov 1: Peter Tabuns’s energy forum

Peter Tabuns has organized a panel, consisting of Ralph Torrie and Keith Stewart to talk about why we don’t need the Portlands power plant.

Peter Tabuns’s energy forum
Wednesday, 2006 November 1, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen St East
(east of Broadview)

See Peter’s flyer for more info.

It should be interesting, though I can’t be there.  I’ll be talking about the threat of power plants to a coalition of residents groups (CORRA).  It is my strong opinion that we will never win this battle if we keep it in our backyard.  We need all of Toronto on board, if not the majority of the province.  So Peter’s forum is a nice local info-session, but I fear it will do nothing to promote the change we need.

Peter has done a lot of work in fighting this particular plant, and for this we should be grateful.  If you want to prod Peter in the right direction, however, you might ask Peter and Keith, authors of the 10-point Green Energy Plan, whether they still support point number 9, which calls for a smaller cogen plant inside the Hearn building, and whether they would support a proposal similar to the Toronto Hydro proposal (which Peter never criticized), which would have been even less efficient than the Portlands plant, had the potential to become even larger than the Portlands proposal and was not even expected to be a cogen (CHP) plant.

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