Toronto-Danforth all-candidates meeting

Update:  This is an old post.  Click here for 2011.

Toronto-Danforth All-candidates meeting
Tuesday, 2008 October 7, 8 pm
Riverdale Collegiate, 1094 Gerrard St East
not: St Barnabas Anglican Church

Update: Now combined with Ralph Thornton debate, so some of the debate-format information below may have changed… Each of the candidates will be given 10 minutes to speak to the audience. There will be a 45-minute question and answer period and then each candidate will be given 2 minutes to summarize their position.     Read more »

Homeless Response Alliance all-candidates meeting

Homeless Response Alliance all-candidates meeting
Tuesday, 2008 September 23, 12:30 pm
WoodGreen, 875 Queen St East

Toronto-Danforth candidates to speak about homelessness and poverty, including the connections to immigration and refugees. Sharon Howarth will be there. For more information, contact Holly Kraer at 416-850-8785 or 647-222-4420.

Here’s Elizabeth May talking about poverty and homelessness:
Google Videos docid=-9112822170266884770

And here she is talking about poverty and seniors:
Google Videos docid=-2004410150469638633

Update: The links above went missing, sadly, when Google Video closed up shop.  Here are some additional videos of Elizabeth talking about poverty:

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My conscience demands it

A letter cc-ed from a resident, reproduced with permission:

Mr. Lang,

Thank-you for meeting with me the other night – I appreciate the demands on your time.  But – as you and I discussed last week – it is important that all Canadians vote their conscience.

For that reason, I cannot support the Liberals, including any act that could be construed as support, such as supporting a Liberal candidate.

I was appalled to learn that Mr. Dion’s version of support for expanded democracy (i.e., including Elizabeth May in the debates) was so feeble.  True support doesn’t come with conditions.     Read more »

2008 Aug 20: The Price of Carbon

Wednesday, 2008 August 20, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre

765 Queen St East (east of Broadview)

Just Earth invites you to a community forum examining the link between climate change and the cost of fossil fuels.     Read more »