Toronto-Danforth candidates for 2011

2011 October 6 provincial election

Candidates in the 2011 October 6 provincial election, in reverse alphabetical order of family name, because that puts Tim Whalley first:

  • Tim Whalley, Green Party of Ontario.
  • Stéphane Vera, Freedom Party of Ontario.
  • Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP/NPD.
  • Marisa Sterling, Ontario Liberal Party.
  • John Richardson, Canadians’ Choice Party.
  • John Christopher Recker, Ontario Libertarian Party.
  • Rita Jethi, PC Party of Ontario.
  • Kevin Clarke, The People

Elections Ontario logo 2011The Elections Ontario website has the official list of registered candidates.

2011 May 2 federal election

Candidates in the 2011 May 2 federal election, in alphabetical order of given name, because that puts Adriana first:     Read more »

Toronto-Danforth 2008 results

Well, we beat the Conservatives and we passed the magic 10% mark at which a portion of campaign expenses are reimbursed.

Final results rounded to the nearest percent:

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Jack Layton NDP 45%
Andrew Lang Liberal 30%
Sharon Howarth Green 13%
Christina Perreault Conservative 12%

Only candidate who stayed to the end

At the risk of being petty…     Read more »

Jack Layton’s empty seat

An empty chair for Jack Layton at the all-candidates debateAn empty chair represents Jack Layton, who didn’t show up at his own all-candidates debate last night.  Citytv reports on the feelings of local residents.

Jack Layton's empty seat at all-candidates debate

NDP leader stifles democracy … again

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 7, 2008 –Jack Layton, who only four weeks ago tried to deny the people of Canada the opportunity to see and hear Elizabeth May in the televised leaders’ debates, is again attempting to stifle democracy by refusing the attend his own all-candidate’s debate.     Read more »