Toronto-Danforth 2008 results

Well, we beat the Conservatives and we passed the magic 10% mark at which a portion of campaign expenses are reimbursed.

Final results rounded to the nearest percent:

Jack Layton NDP 45%
Andrew Lang Liberal 30%
Sharon Howarth Green 13%
Christina Perreault Conservative 12%
Marie Crawford Animal Alliance 0%
John Richardson Independent 0%
Marcell Rodden Marxist-Leninist 0%
Bahman Yazdanfar Canadian Action 0%

Nationally, Green Party support has gone up by over 50% since the last election. Locally, our support has risen over 80%. Thanks to a doubling of contributions, we were able to double the amount literature distributed, double the number of signs placed, double our volunteer and supporter lists, and nearly double our share of the votes.

3 responses to “Toronto-Danforth 2008 results”

  1. Tammara writes:

    We also had the best gain/loss results (using figures rounded to nearest whole number):

    Sharon Howarth, Green UP 6 points
    Christina Perreault, PC UP 2 points
    Jack Layton, NDP down 3 points
    Andrew Lang, Liberal down 4 points
  2. ralph adams writes:

    just to elaborate on the election stats . . .toronto danforth had a whopping 100 % increase in votes compared to the election in 2006. . .that is phenominal .

  3. ralph adams writes:

    correction: .: in my last comment on this post i forgot to mention the toronto danforth “green party” with 100% increase in votes over 2006 election.

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