Violent crime and gun control

During the last federal election, Jane Creba from this riding was gunned down in Dundas Square on Boxing Day.  Our local candidate Al Hart, a criminal lawyer and former prosecutor spoke eloquently about the judicial, legislative and community needs that would help prevent such tragic crimes.

A couple of weeks ago, an innocent bystander was shot dead in East Chinatown, the second innocent shot in a single week.  Torontonians were still reeling from the shooting death of John O’Keefe, shot with a registered handgun by the owner.  Yesterday, the second school knifing in a year occurred at my alma mater, Humberside Collegiate.  Stephen Harper is touting harsh mandatory sentences for illegal gun use as the solution to violent crime.  Mayor Miller has called for a ban on handguns in Toronto.  Jack Layton has announced a 5-point plan of action on violent crime prevention which includes support for a Toronto handgun ban.

I’ve been asked to compile a response for Danforth Greens.  I’ve also recently reconstituted a Toronto Greens group which hopes to put forward local policy positions and to introduce them at the next Green Party policy convention in September of this year.  So please look forward to a fuller, more formal statement.

In the meantime, please note that the Green Party of Canada’s Vision Green document from the fall of 2007 advocated a cross-country ban on all handguns, semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles.  Collector’s guns should be rendered non-functional.  Gun clubs should stock their own guns and be subjected to periodic inspections.

In terms of sentencing the Green Party favours stronger sentencing for violent crimes, including all crimes involving firearms.  We also favour restorative justice.  We need to focus our efforts on serious crimes, not minor misdemeanors and victimless crimes like marijuana possession.

We promote greater investment in community services for crime prevention and we advocate negotiating with the United States to stop the flow of illegal firearms into Canada.

2 responses to “Violent crime and gun control”

  1. Patrick writes:

    While the tragic shooting of Jane Creba could have happened anywhere in our city, the incident took place on Yonge Street north of Edward not in Dundas Square.

    Patrick Carnegie
    Manager – Programming & Events
    Yonge-Dundas Square

  2. Johnny Ergans writes:

    There’s a lot of good source material on urban policy in the Green Party of Canada Living Platform which has all the policy debates from 2004-5 when this issue was top of the national agenda. Some good pages:

    and tons of other material you can see if you search on ‘municipal’

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