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Have a spooky Hallowe’en

I feel terrible for missing Eid and Divali, and now Hallowe’en is upon us.  I’ve been so busy getting the AGM notices out to members by the deadline, but they are now finally gone.  You should all be receiving them Thursday or Friday.

Have a fun and safe Hallowe’en.  I’m going to get my witch costume on and go frighten some children, then appease them with candy.

November 2006 Toronto volunteers

Fellow Green GTArs,

We have a great opportunity to have our first elected Green Party MP. We need to rally behind Elizabeth May and her team in London to make this happen. Greens across the country are looking to us right now to carry the flag into parliament. As GTArs we can and should mobilize teams to drive out to London and canvas the town. The goal is to hit every resident at least 3 times. Other areas of Ontario are working on this as we speak, so lets show the rest of Ontario and Canada that GTArs mean business and we’ll be there when it counts.

Here’s the plan:     Read more »

2006 Nov 1: Peter Tabuns’s energy forum

Peter Tabuns has organized a panel, consisting of Ralph Torrie and Keith Stewart to talk about why we don’t need the Portlands power plant.

Peter Tabuns’s energy forum
Wednesday, 2006 November 1, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen St East
(east of Broadview)

See Peter’s flyer for more info.     Read more »

Elizabeth’s campaign donors

I’ll be maintaining a list of Elizabeth May’s campaign supporters from Toronto-Danforth here.


Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu – $400
Jim Harris – $400

Volunteers in London

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu – November 25-26
Andrew James – November 19, 26
Jim Harris – October 24 – November 2

Telephone canvassing from Toronto

Charlie Halpern-Hamu
Mary Ann Grainger
Sharon Howarth

2006 Nov 24: Toronto-Danforth canvassing team for Elizabeth

May4LondonLet’s get a Toronto-Danforth team out to campaign for Elizabeth.  Jim Harris, in his blog, laid down a challenge to get people to donate to Elizabeth’s campaign, to help with her campaign or even to move to London for 6 weeks to help in any way.

My reaction to this was to actually pause and contemplate the idea of moving to London for 6 weeks.  But I can’t.  We’re in the midst of a municipal election, I’ve got daily commitments for the next 3 weeks or so, and I’ve got five kids that need me from time to time, and in my experience, the times between when they’ve needed me have never lasted 6 weeks.  They’ve never lasted more than about 6 minutes, truth be told. Since I joined the Green Party a year ago, I’ve stopped micromanaging our household and, as Charlie says, we’ve just been allowing our children to grow organically.  Still, not so organically that I could completely absent myself for 6 weeks.

If anybody in Toronto-Danforth is available to go to London for the duration, though, that would be so great that I will do what I can to make it work out.  For those of you who need to stay in Toronto because you have a job here, some of the money you make could be thrown Elizabeth’s way, ’cause she’ll need money too.  I want giant Elizabeth faces smiling from billboards all across London Centre.

What I want to do as a group, is get a team to go out to London on the last weekend before the election – that’s Friday, November 24 to Sunday November 26.  I’m going and I’m bringing paperclips. Who’s coming with me?