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2007 Jul 29: Home efficiency info session

This is a Q&A session hosted by Village Technologies and home energy auditor the Energuy.  Come out and learn about new technologies and government grants, and see how renewables and energy efficiency fit into your life.

Community Q&A on Improving Energy Efficiency
Sunday, 2007 July 29, 10:30am to noon
Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen Street East, near Broadview

Contact: Village Technologies
743 Queen Street East

Mike McLean, nomination contestant

Mike McLeanMike McLean is one of several people who expect to be contesting the Federal Green Party nomination in Toronto-Danforth. Here is the bio he’s supplied:     Read more »

PEC committee walkout / transmission line woes

The Portlands Energy Centre Community Liaison Committee effectively fell apart because the PEC representatives never allowed it to have any impact on the things they promised to do.     Read more »

2007 Oct 15: Federal nomination meeting

Elizabeth May will be on hand when we pick our new Federal Green Party candidate in Toronto-Danforth.

Toronto-Danforth GPC nomination meeting
Monday, 2007 October 15, 6 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St E

(just east of Broadview)

We are once again looking for candidates. Several potentials have expressed an interest. Two of them, Mike McLean and Raymond Scholz, have sent in their bios and pictures.

Any and all other potential candidates are encouraged to send their information along for posting as well.

2007 Jul 24: Patrick Kraemer’s campaign team meeting

Patrick Kraemer, Toronto-Danforth’s GPO candidate, will be putting together a campaign team for the upcoming election. Everybody is invited to come out and join what will no doubt be a very exciting campaign.

Patrick Kraemer’s Campaign Team Meeting
Tuesday, 2007 July 24, 6:30 p.m.
Party Room at Sarah’s Cafe and Bar
North East Corner of Danforth and Monarch Park

Hedging our bets

Here’s a YouTube video explaining why we should address global warming, even if we aren’t positive it’s happening. Thanks to Bruce Hanson.

And here, thanks to multiple sources, is a reason to believe that the unfolding of this — possibly imaginary — global warming will be much worse than we’ve been imagining, with flooding 50 times greater than that predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I was delighted to see that in the discussion of how to deal with it, Mr. Monbiot pointed out that a fully renewable grid is possible with the help of the flow batteries I’ve been promoting.

All-in-one update from a sicko

I’ve been trying to get my house in order after burning myself out on Power to Choose, but I’m pretty worn out and prone to feeling ill instead. There is also still a lot of follow-up work with Power to Choose, including fora in other locations and editing and compiling the information gathered. And soon we’re about to announce another nomination meeting.

But I wanted to let everyone know the highlights from last week. I’m going to do a special entry about the Pride Parade, which I wish I would have written about a long time ago. I also want a special entry about the Portlands Energy Centre CLC walkout. Here’s the rest of the news:     Read more »