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This month’s featured video

My SUV and Me Say Goodbye“My SUV and Me say Goodbye”

Toronto artist and activist, Franke James, works at the intersection of art, technology and advertising.  Ms. James says,  “I hope to raise awareness about climate change and positively influence behavioural changes.  I want to encourage people to take action in their own lives.”     Read more »

Toronto-Danforth Greens photo contest

SLR cameraYou’re invited to submit photos for a chance to win a cool Green Party t-shirt and have your photo featured on our web site and in an upcoming newsletter!     Read more »

The joy of walking (life without a car)

Sharon Howarth, nominated Green Party of Canada candidate for Toronto-DanforthWalking has always given me a feeling of power, independence and freedom … a feeling that I can get somewhere under my own steam.   I experience a sense of fulfillment when I am able to accomplish necessities while limiting dependency on exterior sources. I also find walking to be a stress reliever, free therapy, free exercise and accessible whenever the need hits me.     Read more »

E-bikes and hybrids — a personal journey

As part of our resolution this year to park the car more often, my wife and I are shopping locally more often. Walking has been a key part of our regimen.   The exercise hasn’t hurt my waistline either.     Read more »

Tax-shifting is empowering

Elizabeth May in a scarfHigh energy prices and dwindling reserves of cheap, conventional oil colliding with the clear and present danger of the climate crisis demands that long-term decisions be taken.  There is no room for political expediency.     Read more »