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Greens welcome Global Campaign for Climate Action

“The GCCA is planning exciting mobilizing actions in the next few months and I look forward to the increased media coverage on climate change and the UN negotiations, something that has been slipping recently,” said Green Climate Critic Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu.  “Having the GCCA Secretariat office in Montreal puts pressure on Canada.”     Read more »

Jim Harris: Green is profitable

Jim Harris in the National PostFormer leader of the Green Party of Canada Jim Harris has a new column in the National Post about reducing energy at a profit.  It’s an inspiring message I’ve heard him talk about recently on CBC radio as well.

Linda Diebel blogs Adriana

Linda Diebel at the Toronto StarAdriana has been knocking on doors, her postcard in hand.  Apparently, The Star’s Linda Diebel is in our riding and took notice.

Greens Announce New Climate Change Critic

June 23, 2009. OTTAWA–The Green Party of Canada today announces the appointment of Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu as Climate Advocate on its Shadow Cabinet, a post most recently held by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

In the next federal election, Ms. Mugnatto-Hamu will be the Green Party candidate challenging NDP leader Jack Layton in Toronto-Danforth.  A mother of five living in the riding, she has been active in many climate and energy groups in Toronto since becoming concerned about the climate crisis several years ago.  She has also been active with human rights issues throughout her life and is passionate about social justice.

“I’m glad to have such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic voice on the climate issue.  It’s disappointing that an issue with such far-reaching implications isn’t given the importance it deserves by the other parties.  The United Kingdom recognizes climate change and its connection with energy with a Department of Energy and Climate Change and Australia has a Department of Climate Change and Water because climate change is so tightly linked to water shortages there,” said Elizabeth May.  “In Canada, the threat of climate change is not officially recognized at this level.”

Ms. Mugnatto-Hamu is excited about her new role.  “My concerns about the threats from climate change drove me into active politics,” she says, “I’m more concerned today than I was just a few years ago.  There’s more awareness of the issue, but there is also emerging evidence that the effects of climate change are occurring much more quickly than scientists had expected.  Arctic ice is melting at alarming rates and we’re seeing methane releases from the North, which weren’t supposed to happen for many decades.  The need to turn things around is more urgent than ever before.  It’s actually a relief to feel like I’m doing something to help.”

Ms. Mugnatto-Hamu is also devoting several hours each day to canvassing the riding she hopes to win in the next election.  She wants to work hard for “her constituents”, helping to build strong communities and understanding their needs.  “Being a candidate is a full-time job,” she says.  “And Climate Advocate is another full-time job.  So it is very busy – but lots of fun!”

Harper government attempting to sabotage global climate negotiations

I have been waiting for the broader media to pick up on this story tucked into Embassy, a Canadian foreign policy newspaper.  I find it explosive.

Recognizing that Canada’s position on climate negotiations was toxically inadequate, government officials, rather than improving it, instead decided to attempt to divide a united Europe so that Canada wouldn’t stand out as such a lonely opponent of climate action.  It took the Suzuki Foundation unearthing memos under the Freedom of Information Act to uncover the duplicitous strategy.     Read more »